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Digital community and Innovation in aduLt educAtion and Basic Skills


Summary of the activities planned on DILABS Erasmus+ Project


Transnational meetings

Intellectual outputs

  • O1: production of a tools kit to raise awareness
  • O2: production of a methodological guide (training engineering)
  • O3: production of videos for the analysis of professional activities
  • O4: production of videos of educational practices
  • O5: virtual community
  • O6: student’s book for literacy learning activities
  • O7: teacher’s book for teaching literacy
  • O8: guide for videos in the activity of analysis of practices

Multiplier Events

  • E1: multiplier event in Portugal (AEJD) (PR)
  • E2: multiplier event in Spain (IES Jacarandá) (SP)
  • E3: multiplier event in Poland (Collegium Balticum) (PL)
  • E4: final event in France (USTL) (FR)

Learning activities

  • Blended-learning (HIOA) : Teaching functional literacy to adults
  • Study visit : in Portugal and Glafka
  • Joint staff : In France (Analysis of professional activities for learning purposes, and Raising awareness in the field of key competences for adults)