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Digital community and Innovation in aduLt educAtion and Basic Skills


How was the partnership established for DILABS ?

We constituted our consortium in an innovative way, by using the Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe (EPALE). The production and elements required for the submission of the application were also made only in a collaborative way, and thanks to the cooperation of all the members of the consortium (more details here...).


Cross-sectorial partnership

USTL launched a research of partners thanks to EPALE tools, to constitute our partnership.

We selected the most relevant proposals following :

  • the experience of the participants in adult education;
  • the diversity of the consortium: cooperation between private and public organizations, higher education institutions and university, and training centers (private, and SMEs and association);
  • their involvement in European project.

Integration of EBSN

To go further in European cooperation on the topic of key competences, the department of continuing education of USTL decided to join EBSN. And thus, we started to make connection with members of this network, and the Faculty of teachers education from Norway, HIOA, has decided to join us in DILABS project too.

Our challenge

Even if the partners from DILABS, have never had the opportunity to work together physically in the past, we met the challenge to constitute the application through collaborative tools and thus, we have learnt to know each other virtually.

This experience put the basis of our on-line collaborative way of working, and progress-making approach – which is as a matter of fact, one of our goal :

Learning by doing.