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Digital community and Innovation in aduLt educAtion and Basic Skills

Rationale of the project

To develop DILABS, the consortium will:

  • create a "learning community" on the topic of "key competences"
  • develop on-line tools, open-learning system and collaborative system for the participants to the project
  • use formal, non-formal and informal methods in a perspective of Lifelong Learning

Knowledge should be shared for an endless educational and professional improvement.

Our DILABS team is made of experts in digital tools and innovation (Futuro Digitale, Inercia Digital, Glafka s.r.o.). We will also use innovative method with USTL to analyze professional activities, in order to identify relevant professional contexts, and match the needs of companies as far as training is concerned and initiate exchange of practice with the whole consortium, with training centers (CFRG/AEJD, IES Jacaranda) and teachers and researchers in sciences of education (Collegium Balticum, HIOA, USTL).

Concerning Digital skills, to reach our goals, we will have:

  • to analyze the concept of digital divide, since using the Internet, mobiles and application on-line, have become part of the daily life for many Europeans (doing shopping, applying for a job, paying taxes, working,…).
  • to analyze the concept of community on-line / off-line through exclusion due to a lack of skills in the use of digital media, but also the confidence and discernment for activities on-line too.
  • to focus on socio-relational skills and communication thanks to the Internet and digital technology that allow an increasing number of Europeans to create and disseminate information and content.

Thus, to improve training systems in adult education, the consortium is going to:

  • to exchange on educational practices (through videos)
  • to foster innovation in adult education,
  • to promote closer link with the socio-economic world by working on the analysis of their specific needs
  • to increase teachers’ skills, including the use of ICT (through collaborative tools)
  • to organize training session to experiment new methodologies