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Digital community and Innovation in aduLt educAtion and Basic Skills

Intellectual output 1

Here are documents and reports of the activities developed for the intellectual output 1.


This document is a draft of the analysis of the experimentation of one activity organised by the university of Lille to raise awareness among managerd in the field of key competences. We translated it in a pedagogical scenario to create Moodle's activities.

This guide can be used by trainers to organise training session with stakeholders, managers, trainers to better understand was it at stake when we talk about "key competences", and what is the purpose of raising awareness on this topic. Laking key competences can be an obstacle to evolve and adapt to change, to find a job. This tool is a pedagogical scenario. It can be implemented on line (through LMS : check our Moodle Platform or in a traditional way in a classroom or within a FabLab (innovative methodology to teach).