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Digital community and Innovation in aduLt educAtion and Basic Skills


Final conference / Conférence finale :

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Improving the support and training of trainers/teachers, staff and organizations involved in adult education in the field of key competences

The project activities of DILABS will provide specific outcomes.

Raising awareness:

  • identification of situations where key competences are mobilized, linked to the labour market, and/or social inclusion
  • realization of videos to identify relevant basic skills at work (elder care, cooking)
  • production of tools kit, and methodological guides

Training of trainers of adults:

  • methodology, tips and exchange of practices to develop innovative training programs for adults,
  • digital skills to improve training programs by fostering the use of a Moodle Platform to train trainers, and invite them to develop their own digital skills.
  • realization of videos to analyse educational practices (digital skills, literacy, foreign languages, vocational training...)
  • student and teacher’s book on the topic of functional literacy,
  • training sessions and study visit in different European countries.

Development and support of a “learning community”:

  • implementation of collaborative system in an evolutive and portable approach,
  • improving collaborative work and skills of participants withing the DILABS project,
  • training sessions on-line for adults trainers, and teachers involved in adult education.